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4 days left!!

Only 4 days remaining until competition! The competition takes place on April 27th-April 30th with all the runs taking place on Saturday and Sunday. Follow us on all our social media for updates throughout the competition!

Supermileage takes on Autopalooza!!

Supermileage will be at Autopalooza in the Cobo Center on Wednesday, April 12th from 9am to 12pm. Our project manager Ishi Keenum will be speaking with the general manger of the Shell Eco-Marathon and other members of the team will be attending.

Race Strategy Design Review

We have another Design Review tomorrow, Thursday the 7th for Race Strategy! Come to 1003 EECS at 6:30 PM to see what the Race Strategy team is doing this year! See how we help the driver during the race and determine the best time to run and the best time to coast!

Engine Design Review

Our Engine Design Review will be on Tuesday, November 5th at 6:30 PM in 1003 EECS. Come by to learn what Engine Team is doing this year, what our progress is, and how we plan to achieve 3,300 MPG! We appreciate creative criticism from everyone – every idea can help make our engine better!