Steering, Suspension, and Body

The steering and suspension linkages have been assembled, and validation testing begins in the coming week. Validation will include roll-down testing, integration checks and alignment tuning. Check out the photo!

In other news, the body team continues with a scale-model for wind-tunnel testing and we are seeking support for the fabrication and materials for our carbon fiber monocoque.

Forward Progress

Fabrication of the steering and suspension has begun! Four of the team members are designing and building the entire steering and suspension system as their capstone senior design project. The steering components in the preliminary prototype are primarily Aluminum, and the system was designed to be as close to perfect steering alignment as possible. The team even took inspiration from crew team racing boats in their pursuit of a lightweight, compact and elegant steering system that will minimize energy loss. Stay tuned for pictures of the system in fabrication and testing!

Body Team Work

The body team is getting a workout today as they assemble what we are calling an ‘integration silhouette,’ a 3-dimensional plywood shadow of the designed body shape, which will be valuable for all the teams as we approach systems integration and packaging milestones.