First Year

The UM Super-Mileage team has had a successful first year, starting off the design approach with a requirements definition phase. The requirements for the subsystems were determined according to our goal fuel economy of 3300 miles per gallon, and the team members defended their work at our first external review in February. With this, we transitioned into the design phase, where we have begun by defining an “Alpha” prototype as a predecessor to the “Beta” car we hope to take to the SAE Competition in June of 2012.

Other milestones the team reached in its first year include obtaining sponsorship from the University of Michigan and gaining membership as a team in the Wilson Student Team Project Center on the engineering campus. We are also thrilled to announce our first corporate sponsor in Traffic Signs, Inc. The team has grown to include several dozen members and recently attended the 2011 SAE Supermileage Competition as a fantastic learning opportunity. We will follow the competition with a design review and lessons learned, and move forward with our 2012 entry.