The Story

The U of M Supermileage Team was formed in 2010 with the goal of designing the most fuel-efficient internal combustion concept car in North America.  Eleven students got together to answer the question – what would it take to design a car to achieve over 3,000 miles per gallon? The goal was to beat the North American record of 3,169 mpg and achieve competitive success in the SAE Supermileage and other fuel economy events around the world. The team is designing a lightweight, streamlined and tightly packaged vehicle and will modify a small lawnmower engine to implement our vision of fuel efficient vehicle performance.

The SAE Supermileage Competition is held just an hour from Ann Arbor, in Marshall, Michigan, and was the original inspiration for the founding members of the U of M team. The University of Michigan has a long-standing tradition of excellence in automotive engineering. The environment that enables the success of its many student teams fosters independent student design and fabrication, and strong preparation for careers in industry. Our team is dedicated to upholding that tradition and pushing the boundaries of collegiate engineering capability through an educational mission and a valuable student experience. Our members will have a high-quality and self-driven project under their belts before graduation.