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UM Supermileage aims to push technological boundaries and find creative solutions. We hope to work with our technical partners to develop components or systems of our car which have the potential to impact technologies outside of academia. This project addresses environmental and technological issues in an innovative and hands-on way, in conjunction with our stated educational mission of providing undergraduate engineering studentswith a high-quality, professional, multidisciplinary design opportunity.

We are a group formally affiliated with the University of Michigan and therefore a non-profit organization entirely dependent on donations and outside support to achieve our goals. We aim to build long-term partnerships that allow our students and sponsors alike to take advantage of the rich automotive network around the University of Michigan, as well as specific opportunities surrounding the team’s activities. We do this through hosting corporate events which allow recruiting companies a strong presence on campus and access to our engineers. We will also promote your organization via various media forms, such as logos on the car and apparel, recognition on the website, external media attention, and networking opportunities at our unveiling and other external events. We appreciate in-kind and financial donations as well as technical support and the team is thrilled to keep you updated as the benefits of your support come to life.

Support us and help our design efforts take shape!

For more information or our sponsor brochure, please email our Project Manager, Chloe Kimberlin, our Chief Engineer, Jeremy Punch, or our Public Relations Lead, Haley Truglia.

Project Manager

Chloe Kimberlin

Chief Engineer

Jeremy Punch

Public Relations

Haley Truglia